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Friday, January 25, 2008
Home budgets are not so tough when your kids are still small.The smaller they are,the smaller your home budget is.As they grow older and start to enter High School And University,even a vocational one,you will start to realize the "pain" of budgeting your salaries,must be tougher for those who only have a single head working.

Try to calculate the fees/payments and extras that you are going to spend in the future for the schooling of your kids,ewww,you will be needing some pain relievers for your headaches. :)

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Feel free to visit the site and read how it works for you or the FAQs and the security and privacy page.

Good Help
I love watching cars,on the road or in the car shops.I`m not actually looking for a new one,although I feel so tempt every time I see a good design.

My hubby`s car is so old although it doesn`t look like one.It has a powerful engine and I like the silence that it brings even running in a very high speed.We are actually planning to buy a bigger one,one that is good for any out door activities,that can load lots of baggages and stuffs.

It`s not that sweet to pay for our auto loans.Get The Best Auto Loan can keep us away from the bad credit auto loans.This site`s goal is to find the consumers the best rates,it doesn`t matter where you are going to purchase your vehicles.They work with the country`s top lenders to offer the consumers the lowest interest rates with affordable monthly payments to match.

Through their new blog,they can educate the consumers who are interested in auto financing.

These are the Auto Loans Type:

Loans for New Cars
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Refinance Your Auto Loan and Save

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
The Angels

I wonder where is Paolo now?

He was the one who made this pic and I really liked it.

They were Yorokobee,Me in the middle and Ria.Paolo posted a lot of funny stuffs but also artistic by posting some graphics.

I hope he is doing alright.It`s been a year and a half since I haven`t heard of him.

Ups And Downs

There are also ups and downs in the internet not only in our lives.I am referring to web server.It is normal,of course,so we should know how to considerate the fact.Although,in some situation,(I haven`t experienced a long web server down yet)it takes three days,and the worse,a week or ten days!The people involved have to send emails or call their web server for the reason.

I hope you guys can find a good web hosting choice of your own.

Love Your Life
It is so cold today.It`s been snowing in Tokyo this morning.My heater ran out of fuel so I needed to go to the nearest gasoline station to purchase a gallon.

I am so weak in the morning.My mind was still not awake as I enter my car.

I did the turn...I knew I had to slow down but instead I pressed hard the axle!!Oppsss!!Startled and surprised!!Frightened was the last...I had almost hit the block fence of our neighbor!!

Oh my....Ghee,wake up!!I was talking to myself while driving...Love your life...I thought you are still enjoying??What the hell are you doing??

Be careful guys...Be careful Ghee...

Professional Advices
Money is one of the sources of the large numbers of divorced couples not only in my country but any part of the world.I have seen lots of non-fiction stories on television ,how couples turned their back to each other when they found out that one of them was carrying burdens of debts.

Can we really overcome debts?Do you have enough knowledge on how to do so?

We can find out some answers to those questions regarding debt consolidation in an internet.

No Debt Today is a helpful site that is open to everyone especially those who are in the particular situation.I tried to navigate the page,I found interesting articles on the side bar of the template.Let`s talk about it one by one.

Free Debt Consultation

We should admit that there are some knowledge beyond our limits.Smartest person on earth do claim mistakes.If you found yourself in a hollow,helpless with nothing to lean on about your debts,do not just sit back and cry.It is necessary to consult a professional,take the advantages of their advices so you can figure out how to handle the miscalculations during the past and let yourself get back on track.

Learn More About Debt

Debts are so risky,tricky and scary.It is normal to be confused on what to do next,better look for the professional treatment according to your situation.

Who Can Benefit from Debt Help?

Balancing of payments is so tough.The interest rates are like "road traffic",no one can avoid or move if got caught in.You must be the one to benefit from debt help.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ally is excited again to visit this huge mall with a skate rink in the middle.

We promised to take her to skating this last month..we promised to take her to Disneyland...but we broken them.

I`m just glad that my daughter is not that kind of a girl who`s gonna lie on the floor to cry and scream once her wish is not granted.She`s really getting bigger now and starting to understand each and every situation as long as I explain it to her.

Sweet sweet girl...though words coming in her mouth are becoming tougher everyday. :)

Cheer Up!

Don`t feel like drowning in your own loans.Just research the net,find the answers to your questions or compare the various type of bad credit loans.We do make mistakes by being tactless in our decisions especially when we rush.

In my situation,we are in need to find a house before the end of February.We have seen four houses already and found one that is really comfortable to live in,huge and has a lovely yard,although we still consider a lot of things including the home loans.

I am grateful with this kind of site that allows consumer find the facts and the necessary resources for preferences regardless of a bad credit history.

I Made It!!
The wind was was too cold..,but it didn`t stop the people from attending to Jon Bon Jovi`s concert!!Whoahhhh!And I was one of them!!!

Yeah,I did it!!I will upload the pictures of The Tokyo Dome later.

Gee...Jon Bon Jovi never changed...he`s still lively and energetic!Soo coool and handsome!!

He just had a couple of minutes break,and never stopped from singing and playing his guitar,the crowd got crazy of them!And so was me!!!

I love you,Jon Bon Jovi!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008
Frame You Up!

Zenni Optical offers and sells frames with a huge selections of them.They sell their frames,that come from their owned manufactured ones,direct to the customers,the reason why the prices are so low and reasonable,there is no middleman involved.

They ship their glasses globally,in a very low price no matter how many frames you order.If you would visit the site,you can see the categories on the side bar.

Visit the page if you need more information about Great Discovery:

Why Did You Say No?

What will happen with these two tickets of Bon Jovi`s concert? :(
My friend can`t come...and she just told me that yesterday!!Gee....

Now....I`m having a second thought if I will go or not tomorrow.
Jon Bon Jovi...I really want to see you..My tickets are on the front seat!!And yet....

Maybe I will go alone...

Friday, January 11, 2008
Improve Our Lifetsyle

Have you known about subliminal messages?Are they helpful and powerful that can change your lifestyle?

According to this site:

Subliminal messages are positive affirmations sent directly to the subconscious mind.The subconscious then follows these commands to produce powerful and exciting change in one`s life.

This site tells you that using their softwares,one can be able to increase brain power,to decrease bad habits and change them with healthy and sportive manner.You won`t be needing a professional advice of Psychiatrists or Psychologists that cost too much and often not affordable to people.

There are lot more to discover in this site.But firstly,try to absorb the meaning of subliminal messages by visiting the site.

Parents Day

I strive hard to attend the Parents Day always.Conflict of my schedule is the major barrier although,I had attended at least thrice last year.

I love seeing the students including my daughter studying.I like my daughter`s adviser,she`s kind and a veteran one.She pays attention with each and one of them.Every time my daughter take absence,she writes a letter telling her to get well soon,that the class was not lively without her at school and all of them are looking forward to seeing her attendance soon.

That`s one good way to treat your students very well.I learned a lot from her.

Driving Loopholes

Are you a careful driver?Have you ever been arrested for not abiding the law?Are you really sure that you are aware about the law?

This post is for The UK residents.There is a site that would help you understand fully how can you avoid some unjust driving law in the UK.You can find it at:

A retired UK Traffic Police officer,with over 20 years of experience,reveal some secrets to help people survive from the situations like how you would beat speeding ticket,or cancel parking fines and how to win the traffic police in the courts.

The site provide you more informations like what would you do if your driving license was revoked,learn about the world speed cameras and so forth.You can also join their mini course for UK driving loopholes.

Visit the site if you want to find out more.

Jon Bon Jovi

I woke up today with so much excitement!!

I took out the tickets I bought last November.I checked the time and the seats number for the first time.I didn`t look at them when I bought them in the convenient store to suspense myself,hehe.

And I`ve found out that the seats are so close to the stage!!!Hurraaayyyy!!3rd row!!!

Whose concert???

My love since I was 19 yrs old! Jon Bon Jovi!!!!!

OMG,for the first time in my life,I will see him in person.
I should go...,I have to go...forget my schedules!Hmp! :D

A House To Make A Home
Me and my hubby are going to meet our Real Estate agent to view the houses that he is trying to pursue to us.I have seen the three houses before but never had the chance to view the inside of them.

The houses are in the hills,located inside the four subdivisions,with a good atmosphere,silent and fresh air.Those are things to be consider,I thought to myself.Aside from them,I am so curious to know what kind of neighbors/people live in those area.How will I know if I haven`t started to live there,right?Our agents won`t say abrupt things about them,that is his job,to use his talent of words to persuade us from buying.

However,I kinda like the place coz The Senior High School,even the Elementary Schools are just near the area.My daughters are my priorities,first and foremost.

We are going to a house tripping again this Monday.I hope we could settle for the price and the conditions that we have in our mind.I know,we will be needing a reliable house warranty or home inspectors just like American Home Shieldoffers.

God...please be with us...always...

I Hate Pests!
I hate pests and termites,not only me of course,who does,right?

There`s a leading termites and pests control company in the world.It is called Terminix that has been found by a certain E.L. Bruce who faced the same dilemma.The company is safeguarding homes in the 45 US states and in 14 countries globally.

Protecting homes is their own goal,and their customers are getting satisfaction from their works than any other company in the same industry.

They also offer jobs in The US,particularly in California,Hawaii,Texas,Florida,Ohio,Kentucky and West Virginia.You can find the detailed categories when you visit the site.

Thursday, January 10, 2008
Be Free!
I enjoy myself updating here...

This is my original blog by the way.I started posting here before I claimed my Domain.
I moved all my old posts to my domain,I though that that this blog would be over,but I was wrong.

I just woke up one day that I missed this blog,then I started to make it live again by posting every simple thing that eats my mind.I feel so free here.And that would be our main purpose in blogging,right?To unload ourselves,to keep up the spirit...and make money online! :D

Improve Yourselves

Are you a psychologically strong person?Do you have strong will and the power of manipulation?

Let`s all be honest to ourselves.We face depressions every now and then.It is normal,you are normal.It`s the matter on how you handle yourselves,on how you act upon it.

You can find everything online.Even a treatment through a Psychiatrist.Although,you need an extra budget to find one for your professional advices.

There is a helpful site online that can provide you knowledges on how claim self hypnosis. You can find it at:

All you have to do is to download the categories that are best to you.Among them are Self Improvement including how to gain super self confidence,self esteem and confidence,improve concentration and so forth.If you want fears and phobias be healed,such as Claustrophobia,fear of heights(just like me),fear of snakes and so on,just click the topic that you prefer.For self-conscious people,browse the body image.

There are lot more of interesting topic that might catch your attention.Honestly speaking,I want to try the session of adult hypnosis,hehe.Oh well,what will I lose?My hubby might be please. :D

They offer a give-away of FREE MP3 player for every purchase and also multi-purchase discounts.

Web Server`s error,Feed burner and Technorati
My other blog is suffering from errors...First,the control panel is acting up,I can`t access my webFTP.It happened after the web host server went down.That caused my subdomains still down at this point.I feel sorry for them,but I can`t contact my web host,actually,i feel pathetic that I don`t have the contact of my web host coz my domain used to be a present from my blog friend.

My Feed burner is down,too.Probably because the original feed was acting up,the result of my server`s problem...I feel stressed whenever I check it..

Then,the Technorati is so cruel...What happened to my hundred and plus authority?Within a week,I found out that my ranking went dead! can you lose over a hundred authority within a week?Your blog community boycot you???


I don`t want to peek at my blog...I feel stressed out!!!!

Fun Blog Quizzes
I am updating everyday and it`s not an easy task to think of a quality post when you`re updating marathonly,LOL!

I love various quizzes I find in the internet.Today,I found blog quizzes that really interest me and made me test all of my blogs.I want to show you the results of them.

What Is Your Blog Rated?
structured settlements

Structured Settlements

It was such a relieve to know that all of my blogs including this rated as family friendly blog.

Are you addicted to money?

44%How Addicted to Money Are You?

Sell Structured Settlement

Funny huh?

Presidential Blog Badge

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Structured Settlements

I like this badge and I`m a true fan of Hilary Hilton.

How Old Is Your Blog In Human Years? for my

was created on

12/03 22:27:13/2004

or 1132 days ago!

This domain is

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In human years

this domain is about

21 Years Old!Domain Age Calculator

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And this was the result of this blog,Creative Mind.

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This domain is

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In human years

this domain is about

49 Years Old!Domain Age Calculator

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LOL!49 years old?I typed lots of my favorite blogs` and the result was very entertaining.

Wanna try? :)

Good bye To You...

I feel sad that one of my blog friends has to leave the blogosphere...She said she`s been struggling these past years that lead her to totally delete her blog.We encourage her not to do so,that she could just take a leave anytime,any long she aspires,but deleting her blog totally is not an answer to her problem.

I`m not sure what`s on her mind...and I have no idea,we have no idea what`s really goin on with her life and her family...

All I know is that I treat her like a real friend eventhough we just met here in the blogosphere.

Good luck to you,my friend.Hope everything be handled well.Just stay healthy and happy always.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Let Us Work
Maintaining houses means spending money and effort.House renovation here in Japan is so expensive,that they we can`t do it yearly.We need to save money,that is usually takes five years to do a general renovation.

There is a big site that could take care of some house problems like pests and termites in your houses.They are the leading company in America that could offer you lawn care,garden,plants and your shrubs.

Not only that,they offer jobs for people in The United States.Those who live in Washington,Pennsylvania,New Jersey,Florida and Missouri,who are looking for jobs,try to visit Tru Green,you might find one that is fit to you.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008
Subliminal Messages

Have you thought of improving your lives?Any idea how would you do that?

It is worth of your time hearing to subliminal messages but honestly speaking,I haven`t known that it is possible to listen to them through CDs.You heard me right,there are also powerful subliminal CDs available for you to make a step forward,to become more optimistic in life.

Some of the effective CDs are the following;Lose Weight Quickly,Get Motivated,Exam Success,Quit Smoking,Amazing Memory,Supreme Self Confidence and a lot more!They can be found at:

Bradley Thompson,self-development guru,combines the most powerful techniques,blending each to make a kind of super effective recording.

For additional infos about powerful and effective subliminal CDs,feel free to visit the site.

I Pray...

I want this house.It`s not really new but it is so huge with 3 rooms upstairs and 2 rooms below,with a living room that can be occupied by 30 people.I haven`t seen it`s inside yet,but we have a schedule next week.

My eldest daughter is excited about her own room and another room to become her "studio".I pray to God that all goes smooth in purchasing this house.

How To Recover Your Password

Good news for a computer ignorant like me!

Are you in trouble recovering your office password?You will be needing the Password-Studio Pro.Why?It says that it is the world`s most powerful office password recovery tool.

A friend of mine lost his password,or somebody stole it from him and he didn`t be able to log in to his account for a month!Yes,it took him a month to recover his account.

Password-Studio Pro unlocks the access databases,word documents and Excel spreadsheets.It is so easy to use,that it will only take a couple of minutes.Don`t be afraid of the hackers.You can do the hacking by yourself now and become an expert.You can get this ability at a very low price.Try to browse it`s site at:

and discover how it works.

Don`t let yourself be distressed.Try Excel password recovery tool.Visit the site for more details.


Holidays are over.Work started tomorrow but I really feel "heavy"!!Gee,I gained more pounds from the continuous feasts.Oh well,I don`t have to be surprise.It happens every year.

Starting yesterday,"dieting" will be my priority!

Good luck to me!

Friday, January 04, 2008
The best ranking of holiday spots during New Year holiday was shown on TV today and as I`ve expected,it is always Hawaii on top.Japanese people love the warm,relaxing and breath taking land scenes of it.

How do you spend your vacation in Hawaii?How do you make plans before going?Have you known that you it would save you money if you would rent from this world wide vacation rentals?On this site,owners and managers list their vacation rentals and the travelers can inquire directly to the owners and the managers that would result saving some pennies by cutting out the middleman.

They also have three big real estate that would help you find your choices of condos,homes and lands available.They are the Hawaii real estate,Oahu real estate and Kauai real estate.

Home owners can list their investment properties here for free so don`t hesitate to browse their sites for more details.

Thursday, January 03, 2008
My Server Is Down??!!
Darn!My own domain`s server is down!It happens to everyone,I know...but my two assignments worth 40$ got rejected then my account got suspended because of it.

I am trying to maintain my reputation on that affiliate coz I am getting good money from them.Last month,I gained 347$,out of my Gentle And Compassionate account alone!I consider myself lucky about that!And can I retrieve that reputation?

I just really hope they would consider the fact that my blog`s server is just down at the moment.

OMG!!!Where are you Ethel?I know it`s your new year vacation girl...but please do something about it...

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This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Happy New year!

Happy New Year To All!

May the love of God guide us in our lives...
Let his blessings pour in...

Wishing all our dreams come true this 2008!


Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Enjoy The Beauty Of Paris
What`s the most romantic city in the world?Paris,I guess!Aside from the illuminations that you could see all over the place during Christmas and New year,it has the atmosphere that lovers would really love and aspire to visit one day.


You would also love the historical establishments there that attract most of the tourists including Arc de Triomphe,Place de la Concorde,Paris Bourse and so forth.Me,I`d love to see The Eiffel Tower of course!


Paris is not only known for tourists.It has a reputation of the world`s leading business and cultural centers.It also influences people through their politics,education,fashion,entertainment and so on and so forth.

If you happen to visit Paris,try the good accommodations of Paris Hotels,Paris Hosteles,Paris Hotels and Paris Hotels.Maybe the key words are similar but they have different web sites.