Monday, March 10, 2008
You Can Do It
I was a bit surprise to know that buying a property such as houses or a condo is now cheaper than before.It only shows that the economic situation is not in a good level.Although,at least people can buy them and assure that they can pay the mortgage till the end.Even young people are able to buy them now as long as their company have a good reputation.

My husband`s relative,who is now only 23 years old,married and have 2 children bought a house and lot last year.It is much better to buy a property when you are young because you have a lot of payment option for your mortgage.The longest option I know is 35 years to pay,so for an elder people,the mortgage that they have to pay monthly would be expensive in order to pay their short years payment option.

One of the good thing about the mortgage option is that they no longer required a bonus payment.Unlike before,twice a year,you must pay a bigger amount during your bonus season.At least,you can save your bonus and spend them for a little luxury without any worries about the mortgage.

Personal mortgages are better now,I bet Commercial Mortgages also do the same.