Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Online Business
One of the Heads of our company(branch) had quit his job about three years ago.We were so dismayed of his lost because we really liked the guy.Not only because he was charming(it is indeed a lucky charm),he was so considerate and helpful to us.I thought he would not be going anywhere.I once asked him about that.Most of them transfer to other areas yearly.Though I have heard that he was doing fine in his hometown.

Yes,he went back to his hometown to run his father`s business.He was the oldest among his siblings so it was his responsibilty to claim his father`s small firm.

It wasn`t his specialty,so he said.But through the help of the internet,he learned so fast and find customers online than offline.According to him,Telemarketing was one good way to run a successful company.

He had found a very reliable Telemarketing company online that guaranteed him all the quality services they can provide.

Well,I really wish him goodluck up to now.I know that the country`s economical situation is still tough so he must be struggling among other lots of companies.But I do believe that he can make progresses,more someday.