Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Be Careful
My hubby`s co worker`s truck had been hit again!This was his 2nd time,according to my husband.This time,a very young girl,aged 19 hit the truck from behind.She was not focused on her driving cause she was playing with her cell phone so she did not recognize the truck infront of her.

This girl has expired license and no car insurance.I really can`t believe it!Her parents took care of all the bills.

Luckily,my husband`s co-worker has the company Truck Insurance so there was no trouble financially for him.

Insurances really help.My older daughter is gonna be on her First year Senior High,so we are expecting soem money this March from her educational plan.

Aside from car insurances,life Insurance,and Educational,we have our house insurance recently,when we bought our new house.It covers all the major types of damages to one`s property.And among them,there was a special insurance that would cover the rest of the mortgages once the house head died.I don`t wanna think about it,though I remember my former friend who became widowed when her youngest was only 5 years.It helped her raise her 3 children.