Friday, February 29, 2008
It Will Be A Good Start

I used to attend some trainings before I started my job being an English Teacher.We are called home teachers cause we use our own houses/places to be our classroom.I also teach at the kindergartens,but my main job with lots of students and responsibilities on my own is in my classroom.

The training took a couple of months,but only 10 consecutive whole days to finish it.We took examinations first,written and orally before we got their approval to join the training.I may say that the whole package wasn`t really about teaching,but considerably a Management Training because we have to manage our own classrooms by ourselves,the reports,academically and financially are not easy tasks for me.

There are a lot of policies when you are into franchise.I may say that I learned a lot from them.I think I am ready now to manage my own classroom without their help.Seven years of teaching is not a bad experience at all.

So,time for me to start all over again.Apply all the things I`ve learned from them and through my own experiences.I know...I can do it.