Sunday, February 24, 2008
A Model`s Pride

Are you that conscious of your body?

People of today become open about cosmetic surgery unlike a generation ago,people used to criticize those who had been in process including Liposuction.Well,the news also broad casted mostly the bad effect of them,and never paid attention to the successive ones.

Being a woman,what do you treasure the most aside from your inner assets?In my part,I may say that they`re my butts and boobs.

Some women who already got pregnant and kids might not affected by the transformation of their boobs after pregnancy.But of course,women always prefer a good proportion.Models spend money,just like Model Nicola Mclean who is now on her way to expose her upper naked part again to the crowd after her last show off on 2005.She was only 18 yrs. old at that time but had already made 300 appearances in both The Daily Star and The Sun.

After her last topless shoot on 2005,she admitted that she had a boob job since then and now she revealed that she is so excited to show off again after realizing the bulk of requests from her fans.