Friday, January 11, 2008
A House To Make A Home
Me and my hubby are going to meet our Real Estate agent to view the houses that he is trying to pursue to us.I have seen the three houses before but never had the chance to view the inside of them.

The houses are in the hills,located inside the four subdivisions,with a good atmosphere,silent and fresh air.Those are things to be consider,I thought to myself.Aside from them,I am so curious to know what kind of neighbors/people live in those area.How will I know if I haven`t started to live there,right?Our agents won`t say abrupt things about them,that is his job,to use his talent of words to persuade us from buying.

However,I kinda like the place coz The Senior High School,even the Elementary Schools are just near the area.My daughters are my priorities,first and foremost.

We are going to a house tripping again this Monday.I hope we could settle for the price and the conditions that we have in our mind.I know,we will be needing a reliable house warranty or home inspectors just like American Home Shieldoffers.

God...please be with us...always...