Thursday, January 10, 2008
Web Server`s error,Feed burner and Technorati
My other blog is suffering from errors...First,the control panel is acting up,I can`t access my webFTP.It happened after the web host server went down.That caused my subdomains still down at this point.I feel sorry for them,but I can`t contact my web host,actually,i feel pathetic that I don`t have the contact of my web host coz my domain used to be a present from my blog friend.

My Feed burner is down,too.Probably because the original feed was acting up,the result of my server`s problem...I feel stressed whenever I check it..

Then,the Technorati is so cruel...What happened to my hundred and plus authority?Within a week,I found out that my ranking went dead! can you lose over a hundred authority within a week?Your blog community boycot you???


I don`t want to peek at my blog...I feel stressed out!!!!