Friday, January 04, 2008
The best ranking of holiday spots during New Year holiday was shown on TV today and as I`ve expected,it is always Hawaii on top.Japanese people love the warm,relaxing and breath taking land scenes of it.

How do you spend your vacation in Hawaii?How do you make plans before going?Have you known that you it would save you money if you would rent from this world wide vacation rentals?On this site,owners and managers list their vacation rentals and the travelers can inquire directly to the owners and the managers that would result saving some pennies by cutting out the middleman.

They also have three big real estate that would help you find your choices of condos,homes and lands available.They are the Hawaii real estate,Oahu real estate and Kauai real estate.

Home owners can list their investment properties here for free so don`t hesitate to browse their sites for more details.


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you've been tagged my friend!!!...have a nice day to you..check it HERE!

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sama mo na lang ako

oo recieved ko email mo, thanks for it.

sinabi ko rin sa Boss-ko ang Condolence mo, Thanks daw....

happy weekend, Ghee

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