Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Enjoy The Beauty Of Paris
What`s the most romantic city in the world?Paris,I guess!Aside from the illuminations that you could see all over the place during Christmas and New year,it has the atmosphere that lovers would really love and aspire to visit one day.


You would also love the historical establishments there that attract most of the tourists including Arc de Triomphe,Place de la Concorde,Paris Bourse and so forth.Me,I`d love to see The Eiffel Tower of course!


Paris is not only known for tourists.It has a reputation of the world`s leading business and cultural centers.It also influences people through their politics,education,fashion,entertainment and so on and so forth.

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Blogger Vk-mahalkaayo said...

happy new year to you and the whole family....

more good lucsk, good health and god bless.

sigi, sabay na lang nya ta punta sa Paris, ang ganda doon......lol

thanks sa compliments sa draw ni >mari ha?....sana kung ganoon ako ka sekse ano?...lol

happy new year..........

Blogger Richard said...

Oh my! It is already the New Year in your part of the world.

Happy New year!!!!

Never been to Paris. Have no interest in going there. But Sofia does.

All our lives we must make choices, left or right, up or down, what we mortals believed through our lifelong demise:


“A must read if youse wanna live” -Father Sarducci, SNL

God bless.

Anonymous Alojamiento Paris said...

Great post, Paris is indeed a city full of magic. I love its food and its museums.

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