Thursday, June 05, 2008
"I Do"...
I always fancy to attend a wedding although its such a rare occasion.Watching the Bridal gown/gowns and the guests attire are really interesting for me.How can I forget the food?Oh yes!The gifts and the giveaways that follow is the next thing to look forward to.Its very nostalgic to think of the feelings of the "just married" couple.And for sure,women`s attire after the wedding is a bit important,i guess,to add more spices and thrill.

Speaking of clothings such as Custom crystal rhinestone t-shirts,tank tops, bikinis and flip flops that are available from dozens of garment colors,and crystal colors to create one-of-a-kind garments that are uniquely yours,I may suggest you to look at them at Custom Crystal Attire at from the clothings,I am amazed by the various type of the tote bags that I`ve seen in the site.They are personalized with lots of designs in very affordable prices!

Among the products that you can see in the sites are wedding accessories and gifts,wedding cakes and jewelries,wedding favors,disposable wedding cameras,The New Mrs or Custom Wording Rhinestone Hoodie,and a lot more!

Find out what`s in the store by visiting the site by yourself. :)


Blogger krystyna said...

Hi Ghee!
I found at this site very interesting....Wedding Stamps. Really good idea to decorate wedding envelopes.
Thanks for sharing!

Blogger Keshi said...

hows u Ghee? MWAH!


Blogger Red Lion said...

Hello, I have already add you to my links. Please do visit mine too. Godbless!! ^_^

Blogger Jazel said...

hi.. jus droping by. can we exchange link.. pls do visit mine tnx

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Anonymous heartbeats said...

Have a great weekend ahead!!

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