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Friday, February 29, 2008
It Will Be A Good Start

I used to attend some trainings before I started my job being an English Teacher.We are called home teachers cause we use our own houses/places to be our classroom.I also teach at the kindergartens,but my main job with lots of students and responsibilities on my own is in my classroom.

The training took a couple of months,but only 10 consecutive whole days to finish it.We took examinations first,written and orally before we got their approval to join the training.I may say that the whole package wasn`t really about teaching,but considerably a Management Training because we have to manage our own classrooms by ourselves,the reports,academically and financially are not easy tasks for me.

There are a lot of policies when you are into franchise.I may say that I learned a lot from them.I think I am ready now to manage my own classroom without their help.Seven years of teaching is not a bad experience at all.

So,time for me to start all over again.Apply all the things I`ve learned from them and through my own experiences.I know...I can do it.

Automatic Approval
I really love your automatic approval!!

Well,you know who you are. :) It really inspires me..whenever I post an article,I get this message of your automatic approval and I so love it!!

Yesterday,I was kinda disappointed...I posted an article,waited for that line "your post is automatically approved"...but I was really dismayed coz I didn`t receive it.But today,you approved my post already,tried again to post to see if it`s back in my hand,(being a great and reliable postie :) )and yes!!

I got it soon after I submitted my post.

Thank you!!

Be Aware About Personal Injury Compensation
An acquaintance of mine have had a car accident last December,two days before Christmas.He was driving on an express road,was jammed in a traffic,and it was just a glimpse he said.He saw the cars coming from behind through his side view mirror,he knew it at that instance that he was being hit,and yet he couldn`t move forward,the cars in front of him were not moving,and he had no way to get out.


His favorite black Honda sports car,that he loved more than his wife was heavily damaged.Luckily he lived,although he must keep on seeing his doctor for his medicine and therapy,his back to his bottom aches too much so he says.Until now,he still has his medical check ups regularly.

It was good that he claimed his Accident Compensation after that.He had to take a leave in his job,had to replace his car that couldn`t be fixed,but the insurance coverage took care of them all.What a help,right?What would happen if we are so ignorant about personal injury and accident compensation claims?

Personal injuries give us physical pain,emotional stress,some can`t even sleep at night,and others lead to trauma,fear to ride a car again,or to what it caused them,and yes,mostly loss earnings.

In case like this,we must try to contact some personal injury specialists,get some professional advices on how to get personal injury and accident compensations claims in our best interests.


I can`t help it!!I just love this tag,and created a lot so my posts are all a cover girl!haha!

Bear with me guys...why don`t you try to create your own?And I bet you,you will spend lots of time browsing your pics.

Thursday, February 28, 2008
Protect Your Homes
These last few weeks,I was really in need of cash...Expenses here and there made me worried too much,although my hubby assured me that I do not have to think about them because it must be him,not me,who is responsible for all the things.I thought I should have to borrow some money through credit cards or companies online.

Things are not that bad though...We now have a property,a house,and started to think of what would be the advantages of having it.

A very interesting news about the Homeowner Loans got my attention today.Well,we do not know what will come our way in the future,and people use their properties to borrow some cash,especially the business people.The news said that borrowers reaching the end of their fixed-rate period on their mortgages should evaluate their financial situation.

What does it really mean to us?

Homeowners should get a valuation on their properties even though it is rough and not so easy to do,to let them calculate the loan-to-value ratio.This means one can able to assess how much he will need to overpay on his mortgage to bring down his loan-to-value ration.Great,right?

The common reason why borrowers loss their properties is the ignorance about all this.They thought that there is no more easy way out and just let them go their homes that they had invested.

Again,let me repeat:Overpaying could stave off variable rate pain.And in fact,overpaying on a mortgage could only cost borrowers 41euro a month.

A Flowery Day

I received a good news yesterday!!

The last moving company that I had made an arrangement to calculate our things and stuffs gave us their very low prices.The lowest a matter of fact,45,000$ all in all.Yes,it is the lowest coz some companies were asking 6,500$ and 5,400$.

The good news?Well,I told my hubby to make a demand to their company,that they should take care of it,that they used to do that before,and yes,it had been approved!!Yes!!We don`t need to pay for that big amount just to move out!Hurray!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008
The Confusion Of Homeowners

It took us a lot of thinking to decide if we should buy a house or rent an apartment again.Although we were aware that there would never be any problem regarding our mortgage,since my husband has a good reputation in his company,and the fact that the company itself is so stable in its field nationwide.

The house that we took was once taken by someone,although due to his lack of luck,the mortgage had not been approved so we had the chance to grab it.

How`s the mortgage issue in other countries?Let`s take a look at Mortgages UK which provides different news about mortgages.

One of their articles caught my attention.It was stated that homeowners are confused over which mortgage to choose .I do believe so.In fact,some of the real estate agents nowadays become a loan consultant either to help their customers.Homeowners left a bit dilemma in their hands,especially if they were ought to choose a new mortgage tomorrow.

The head of Abbey Mortgages commented that the outlooks for the UK economy and for Bank Of England base rates depend on the speakers,some claim that they will fall down ,while others have debate how much they will fall and when.

I suggest that we should find a reliable resource and find a professional help for this matter.

Oral Examination
Whew!What a day!

Today,we have just finished the last remaining event in my classroom,The Oral Examination.

Few of my students were absent,probably they forgot about the date,or they totally lost their interest cause they stopped learning and never transferred to any classrooms as I had quit my job already on the last day of January.

Although,I felt the exhilaration to see my former students again.Some of them took our souvenir pictures while some of them gave me a thank you card.I received lots of presents from them on my last day either.

I know,I should post more about it including the pictures.

A Model`s Pride

Are you that conscious of your body?

People of today become open about cosmetic surgery unlike a generation ago,people used to criticize those who had been in process including Liposuction.Well,the news also broad casted mostly the bad effect of them,and never paid attention to the successive ones.

Being a woman,what do you treasure the most aside from your inner assets?In my part,I may say that they`re my butts and boobs.

Some women who already got pregnant and kids might not affected by the transformation of their boobs after pregnancy.But of course,women always prefer a good proportion.Models spend money,just like Model Nicola Mclean who is now on her way to expose her upper naked part again to the crowd after her last show off on 2005.She was only 18 yrs. old at that time but had already made 300 appearances in both The Daily Star and The Sun.

After her last topless shoot on 2005,she admitted that she had a boob job since then and now she revealed that she is so excited to show off again after realizing the bulk of requests from her fans.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Another Baby?

How about a baby?

A what??

Very funny...I really laughed about the idea.My hubby was joking me on the phone.
Well,this is a good start again for us in another place..,a new house..,a new environment..,everything`s,it is that possible to have a new baby,too!
Hubby said. LOL!

Then I told Ally about that.I wanted to know what would be her reaction.With her big round eyes,she said...,really??I can have a baby bro or a baby sis??LOL!She looked really excited!But not me,oh more...I am satisfied with my two daughters.

Period.No more babies for us! :D


Be a wise and effective player.

This post is dedicated to those online players only,and not trying to inspire anyone to learn how to gamble if it is against their will.

Well,internet provides us everything we need.We don`t need to use our cars and fit ourselves in crowded places to entertain ourselves unless we want to travel,of course. :) I have seen numbers of casino online,though some of them do not accept US players.USA online casinos are open to all Americans although there are also some State exclusions including:
New Jersey,
New York,
Oregon, South Dakota,
and Wisconsin.

Just like all other casinos,USA casinos have various high-tech softwares that are very easy to install.You can pick your own favorite games,from cards,slots and others.

US casinos can also provide you casinos guide for your comprehension.Again,let me mention that this site is accepting mostly US players with no restrictions.

Good luck to you,players!

Frame Me

I love wearing sunglasses on sunny days,especially when I`m driving!

But really...I am a practical woman.I don`t prefer buying expensive products,esp my daily needs.Just like those I`ve seen at Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses.This site is offering you cool lens and frames in very reasonable and affordable budgets.They also give away some freebies in every product you purchase :)

If you are looking for a great discovery:Zenni Optical $8 Glasses ,I suggest you to visit and browse the site which is very easy to navigate. :)

Saying Goodbye...

I said goodbye to my Kindergarten students today...I kept myself to be calm...
Did they notice the sadness in my heart?

We played a game a lot...danced...sang...shook hands...and hugged...

I am gonna miss them...And I know that they`re gonna miss me,too...

How To Kill Bedbugs?

We have a very sunny weather today.For a homemaker like me,the first thing that comes in mind is to make laundries and hang the mattress out to refresh it and to get the bed bugs die.

But is this really reliable?Do you think it`s enough to kill the bedbugs by heating them out,especially on winter time?

Yes,killing bedbugs with heat is really effective but not on cold days,some part of the mattress get cold and bedbugs can be frozen within two weeks,though we can`t hang the mattress for two weeks,right?

The site teaches us on how to do it properly such as disposal,encasement,vacuums,steamers,laundering/drying,structural heating and so on and so forth.

If you wanna learn more,please try to visit the site. :)

Monday, February 18, 2008
Hello To April
(I got this picture HERE.)

I kinda wonder...what kind of the neighborhood awaits for us in our future place.What would be the local culture and attitude?What kind of students they have in their schools?At first,"moving" was just an adventure for me.But now,my priorities are my kids and I am so concerned about their future friends to be.

Ahh...I hope March would end so soon!!

Nice Coordination

I am truly interested of house furnitures right now.I enjoy browsing the net,looking at the design and getting ideas of the interior and the prices.I happened to find this site,Pop-up entertainment center wherein I saw lots of quality designed furnitures.

I took a peek at the Sleigh Beds in the site,and I am really amazed by the designs,color plus the coordination of the room itself.This site has a wide selections of beds including Queen Beds ,that I can say my favorite.And of course,if there are Queens,there must be King Beds,too!

From casual beds to cozy beds,with reasonable prices and quality,with other furniture that can give you a comfortable room,please try to inquire at

The Key

(This picture is irrelevant from my post.I just like to post an old type of a Japanese house) :)

I got a call from my husband tonight...

On Feb.22nd,the money from the bank would be transferred to his name,and he will do the payment on that day.After that,we could have the key of our new house.Yes!!We became a little excited..,after lots of arguments,hard work,exhaustions...we could finally have our house to be a home in the future.

We could smile now and be able to talk sweetly,unlike before(a couple of weeks ago). :)And hubby could tell a joke now...he said...whew!I`m afraid we could make again a baby in this house!

Funny,I`ll allow it if he would bear the child not me.hehe

Sunday, February 17, 2008
Opening An Online Store?
What are the tough things to consider when entering an online marketing?

First,you should have good readers or you should maintain the traffic of your site.It is indeed easy to say but not really simple to apply.Let us just admit that we can`t do this through our only strength and capacities.We need to connect to other sites,we need a reliable and a helping hand of ecommerce softwares.

Your online stores must have a template that is easy to navigate.Online shoppers are just arrogant and picky,they browse but do not spend much time to totally read what`s in a site.And of course,you must have an easy to use shopping cart.

Ashop.Com can give you a solution for your general need;from your shopping cart software,shopping cart and ecommerce software.

What can they offer you?Everything is affordable!In fact,you can use their software easily,you don`t need to be a webmaster to install this and that!

If you want to learn more of the reasons why you choose it,just try to visit the site and learn by yourselves.

Let Me Do My Meme
I have been tagged by Rosemarie a couple of weeks ago.Thank you,Rosemarie,and really sorry for the late response.

Start copy paste~

Instructions: To play this game, all you must do is explain what your most common writing mistake is. Then, simply tag 5 people for the meme. Those 5 will, in return, tag 5 more people. Ultimately, readers should see a tapestry of common grammar and spelling mistakes. Therefore, anyone who feels ashamed of their errors will feel a bit more confident and secure.Copy the person and persons' names that sent it to you and add your own at the bottom of the list. It really helps build community.The answers:

Shine with Grace : Mixing the word 'from' with 'form' all the time.
Trinity : I sometimes feel confused to use past tense or present tense when I share my stories.
LadyJava : Typing too fast that sometimes I miss words in between.
Genie King : I type too fast too... always end up with 'tot he'... when it should be 'to the'.
Spiff : I type too fast that I end up with sentences that have no spaceinbetween... LOL!
Nessa : Mostly grammatical mistakes... but it doesn't really bother me as long as my readers understand :)
Choc Mint Girl: Obviously grammatical error due to lack of vocabulary…but getting better and better and better…he he he…
Liza : I type too fast too that's why sometimes my spellings are wrongf... see. Lol ;) And same with Grace, mixing the word from and form at times. (I'll be posting this tag to my other blog
Cecil: errors on grammar and sometimes I don’t know where to place my comma or when to use colon or semi-colon :( too.)
Nancy: I'm always trying to use every function of my fingers but can't really help but slip which resulted to pressing the wrong key most of the time.
Darlene: I always made a mistake by typing HELATH instead of HEALTH. Sometime the FOR is FOT because the R and the T are very close to each other lol! Anyway i always do mistakes when i type, everybody does i guess no matter how good you are in typing you always make some mistakes.
Bisdak Footprints I usually have wrong typo when I am in a hurry typing entries during PPP time because need to be fast so I can grab as many opps as I can.For that,wrong typo making my english look worse to others.They read it before I can do some editing..they might think my english is so bad..ahhermmm...but i edit it anyways...
Twerlermz : I'm using basic or simple english most of the time so i think my most common mistakes are : redundancy, spelling and grammar (toink!)
Thira: I type too fast too, sometimes my mind is way ahead with my typing so I miss out and misspell words and I have to go back and read again and correct it. Sometimes using the past and present tense in writing, and using the hyphen properly,wehehe:)
Ester - Just like you Thira, I type too fast that I missed using the right grammar, correct spelling. I usually confused on the proper usage of "on", "in", "at"....waaaa whatever.. hahahahhah!!!!
Rosemarie- Sometimes i type too fast that i type love as lvoe, and proper usage of past tense and future tense, like Ester wrong usage of in, on, at. And i often use He when is it she and her when it is him.nah... to many mistake.

Ghee-I often mistype "freind","eevryone","reemmber","th e" and so on,hehe,especially when i`m rushing.I usually blog in the middle of the night,always sleepy and sometimes tipsy,so I know that my grammars are sometimes wrong.Then I`m just lazy to edit the following day,even after realizing them.Oh,what the heck!We blog for fun and not to pressure ourselves.Do you blog for your living?

I wanna tag Gbex,Ellen,Shaula and Sadesh.Thank you guys for leaving me a comment here and for tagging me always.Esp. Gbex and Ellen.

HUgs to all!!

Add your link and answer here

~End copy paste~

Make Your House A Home

Our body needs a good sleep to refresh and create new energy for the following day.Thinking so much leads us to stay awake until the wee hours of the morning.But according to the doctors or Psychiatrists,one must have a proper pillow or a nice bed to have a restful and complete sleep.Just like this Queen Microfiber Platform Bed that is now on sale online.

Imagine your bedroom,with a gorgeous bed,coordinated with an awesome furniture?I`m sure you will look forward to stay and relax in your room every night.

How about your living room?I think the sofa is the main accelerative point in this has all the quality furniture with reasonable prices that can make your house a home.Plus a good family relationship,what more can you ask for?

Please visit the site and browse for more details.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I love this washlet!

Well,who doesn`t?It is really good for proper hygiene.It`s warm seat and warm sprinkle are really the best on winter days.

Toilet is one of my favorite parts in our home.It is my private secret room.How many times I spent a longer time there to avoid the attentive eyes of my family.

I do not cry for desperation.I mean,it comes and goes...I feel like I want to cry and I do not stop myself from doing let go of my stresses,too.

It must not be a habit,though.hehe..My family might find me crazy whenever they notice my swollen eyes the following day.

Never mind!I`m just excited about my two toilets in our new house.Yay!

Friday, February 15, 2008
Do You Need An IT Support?
Two months ago,I took my laptop to a computer store,or a computer rehabilitation for a consultation.My computer was so slow and needing much attention.They advised me to reset it,but need to leave them my laptop,a kind of confinement for three days.Three days without my laptop?No way!

I wasn`t aware,or let`s say I`m not reading much that there are online sites that can give you solutions for your computer problem or your computer repair. The good thing is,if you are not that good at using the computer,you can get the IT advices over the phone.

What are the most troubling things that we need to be solved?

Usually,it`s all about the connections,the loads of pop-ups,the slowness of the computers,the way on how to upload and share photos,the setting-up of wireless printers,how to connect your cameras/games consoles in the computers,and so on and so forth.

You can watch the team while they do the service at BT Home IT Support.

Learn more on how can they help you for your computer repair.Please read the further details by visiting their sites.

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Browse The Net

Do you know how to budget the cash in your hands very well?

I love watching documentary stories or non-fiction movies than watching TV series.Maybe I just can`t find enough time to follow the stories of serial dramas everyday.

I focus more on watching the lifestyle of most homemakers or couples here.I gain lots of moral lessons through it,charge it to experience,so they say.One story that I can`t forget was about a husband who had drowned himself into gambling that made him owed money from a credit company,then into another one to pay the first,then so on and so forth.To make it short,he made lots of debts from different companies.It was horrible!A trauma,indeed to his wife and kids!

If he only knew how to control himself...if he only learned some facts about debts...things would have been easier for him.

Browse the net...let`s read the FAQs about cash loan and enlighten ourselves.We can have a better solution if we are out of budget,that happens before pay days.Be sure you have an income to assure the company that you can handle the payment,you can manage to have a healthy financial plan.

Saturday, February 09, 2008
Advertise And Get Paid For Blogging
What is your main motivation when you started to blog?

I`ve been a lurker for a year before I entered this world.My reasons were to develop friendship to people around the world disregarding the races,to learn through reading other blogs and to unload and release my thoughts that couldn`t be expressed everyday.

After a year of blogging,I became aware of the advantages of it,that we can make money through blog advertising,that we can get paid for blogging if we will just spend a little effort,or maybe twice as we do usually.I hesitated at first,I felt that it is not fair to use your blog for money,thus I made some research and started to study the road of a pro-blogger.

Pro-bloggers proved that the advertisers are not scams.In fact,they really pay you in accordance with their payment policies.I may say that Smorty is one of a good way to save pennies out of blogging.In fact,they are the fastest in terms of paying their posties.

All you have to do is to advertise on blogs,make sure that you follow their terms and conditions,wait for the approval,then the money will be sent to you VIA PayPal.

In my own opinion,it is such a progress to get paid for blogging.It won`t harm you,in fact it is very challenging on how to deal with the tasks and the advertisers.While writing the articles,you can learn a lot and have ideas or options in case you would need the services depend on your situation.

Why not take the advantages?Why not try Smorty? :)

Friday, February 08, 2008
Let`s Care And Be Cared
Are you having difficulties in your future lifestyle when you get older or thinking hardly on how to give your elders a better care?

If you are looking for care homes,try to browse the net and see what BetterCaring offers you.

There are different opinions on how elders must spend their hours daily.For a protective relative or family,some think that it is better for them to stay at home.Although I learned that there are more healthy way to make their days fun and productive.BetterCaring stated that staying at their homes is a good instrument to socialize with other people,to change thoughts and memories with them everyday,to play games,to relax at their huge grounds with beautiful gardens,to feel at home in their establishment and create friendship with others.

They do also have a library and they also arrange outings and events,or even hold parties.I think that is the big difference of staying at your own homes.You won`t have a chance to interact with other people.The best way to stay young is to be cheerful and keep your heart and mind bright,and you can only do that by talking and laughing with someone daily.

The food was a big issue before.Some people claimed that the food in this kind of place is not nutritious.But in fairness,it really depends upon the kind of care homes.BetterCaring are so concerned about the health of each and every member of their society,they see to it that everyone is healthy and happy.

Totally Safe,Fast And Reliable
Internet is so important to us and it is part of our lives.

I`m still thinking on what to do with my internet connection when we move.Should I stick to my provider right now or change it to the other one.

What are the things to be considered when choosing an internet provider?A total broadband is a good thing to think about.And wifi is a good example.An option including the wireless BT home Hub with BT Hub phone and unlimited downloads is really a good idea I think.The fact that the monthly payment for this ultimate package is really one of the technology advantages.You have your internet connection and yet,you can enjoy talking on the phone without the charges.

It is good to know that in this option,you will have the chance to order a BT vision,you can access to variety of entertainment and freeview TV and radio channels.Not only that,you can also pause,rewind and record up to 80 hours of TV.All of these would be useless if you have a very slow connection,so that`s part of their service,to connect you so fast in the internet.

Another wifi option is the one without the BT Hub phone.There is no difference between the first one I mentioned above.This option has the advantages the same as the first one.Allow me to add the option has 5GB secure online storage with BT Digital Vault,advance security from Norton and enjoy the half-price accommodation, free admission for children, concessionary prices, gifts, discounts up to 25%,and a lot more you can get in these offers.