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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
We Need Self Defense Training
Are you that sporty?What is your favorite sports?Do you want to try something that would test your strength and effort?

Have you ever been in a very dangerous situation that you needed to protect yourself form someone?Men or women must know how to defend themselves by their own.We need special Close Combat Training that we could find at World Leader On Self Defense.

Captain Chris` Close Combat would let us comprehend the truth about Martial Arts and the real self defense.We need the courage to do so.Good luck to you and me.It`s not that bad to try soemthing new for our safe or others.

Thursday, November 22, 2007
Am I Bad?

Some people are not wise enough to pay their loans that lead them to deal with much complicating lifetyle that resulted depressions,frustrations or crimes.

Lending money from bad companies to pay the rest of your loans is not the solution for your problem.In fact,it will just make things more complicating and tough.

Some couples do their best,or much more than they can do,to buy houses then the mortgages become the hindrance of their smooth relationship that results divorce in the end.My husband`s friend is still single in his age(40 something) up to now because he`s more into cars and always thinking on how to pay his car loans.LOL! I bet he can`t marry a woman because he`s already married to his car and his debt.

The Caucasian English teacher I know cut/dumped his credit cards for a reason that they tempted him to go to a pub,drank then paid his bills through his credit cards.Without them,he wouldn`t had guts to enter that expensive pub,he said.

Try to read here what Bad Credit Offers you.Have the idea and compare their differences to other related companies.

Organize Your Travel Memories
We shouldn`t be surprise if all of the online marketing businesses have their own blogs.It`s very effective way of sharing or decribing what kind of stuffs they`re into.

For all the adventurers and travelers,here is a site for you.Wondering the kind of fun in Africa,Asia,Antarctic,Canada,Australia,Caribbean,Central America,Europe,Hawaii,Mexico,New Zealand,South America,South East Asia,United States,and a lot more?Well,I recommend you to dig travel blog that would give you the detailed informations you need.

What is it that makes it special?You can blog your travels,with unlimited photos,stunning maps and a lot more!They offer you a free trip planner,too.Get your own free travel blog now and start putting your memories through blogs to have an organized journal.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Shoosssh The Shoes!
This pic was taken by my eldest daughter during their trip to Hokkaido.They stayed there for 3 nights and roamed the place with their respective Teachers.Look at their shoes!Most of them are bigger than my size,that only proves how huge and tall the kids nowadays compare to the very first generation of Japanese people.

After how many months,they`re gonna graduate...and today,I have to meet her advicer to talk about the Senior High Schools in our list.

I`m kinda worried about my daughter`s entrance examinations...all I can do is pray for her.

Saturday, November 17, 2007
Fly Me
What are the things you consider when buying plane tickets?What is your favorite season of traveling?

I only have two choices of getting out of the country;summer or winter vacation.They`re peak seasons,and usually I couldn`t find cheap flights, that is really a big hindrance for me to travel.I have tested various airlines such as Japan Airlines,North West Airlines,Philippine Airlines and China Airlines,but never been in a Singapore Airline.

I really love to fly especially on an international flight. I used to be afraid of planes,but now,I see to it that I enjoy every minute in inside the plane,from entering it and finding my seat until the very last part of the journey.I love the food they serve there,too!

Hopefully,next year would be my best time to fly again,and I would make an earlier plan for that so I can purchase cheap plane tickets. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Haru`s Bday

We used to eat a lot...but lately,the three of us are losing our appetite.We`re not actually dieting,it happens constantly since hubby had gone to another place.I consider it advantage,my eldest has turned 15 yesterday and is beginning to be conscious of her physical appearance.My youngest is only 8 yrs old,but gee,she`d got bigger last summer,gained lots of weight.

It`s good that the three of us have one thing in common,consciousness being a female.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Have you ever wondered that we`re working too hard and yet saving money is still a big deal to handle?

I do think so,well,as long as we get the salaries,we are required to spend and pay our taxes.And gee,taxes get higher every year,that sometimes made me think not to work at all cause I feel dumb for paying high rate of taxes.We have to think of ways on how to make wiser spending of money,for instance,save money on insurance.In fact,our family deserves a life family plan premium.

We do get advantages from insurances,say my daughters educational plan.During their first steps on elementary,high schools,and even college,they can get the amount that definitely help us provide their needs to their material things and other payments.

Indeed,the coverage that we cant get from their insurances are such relieves in the future.

We should see to it that our husbands get all the advantages from their companies so we should consider giving them the employee benefit package.

Think and do some actions about our family future.

Learn And Get A Progress
Learning must be an eternal task.I do believe so and that`s what I`m trying to do through my own ways.It`s not possible to enroll in any schools because of the obligations everyday that sometimes make me crazy.

Have you known that you can study by means of the internet,individual or group?Yes,you can get the proper high-calibre training and development that requires you if you would just browse the net.Canadian Management Centre is here to provide you a good seminar,on how to improve your leadership to financial management and communication skills.

They offer various program of study including communications skills,administrative professionals,financial management,information technology,leadership,marketing management,sales management,strategic management and so on and so forth.

Let`s not waste our time.Learn and get a progress.

Thursday, November 08, 2007
Securing your Network
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Something for Everyone
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Order Without Having to go to the Store
Hey, I know that you want to send flowers to that special somebody just to make them smile. I also know that finding the time to get to the store can be difficult at best…I mean, who has time to fight traffic anymore right? That's why I love going to Vogue Flowers. They make it so easy to get send flowers online so that you don’t have to fight your way to the store to make sure that you can have fresh flowers delivered when you want them to the person you care about for any occasion. Check them out today and I promise you’ll never order flowers from anybody else again.