Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Shoosssh The Shoes!
This pic was taken by my eldest daughter during their trip to Hokkaido.They stayed there for 3 nights and roamed the place with their respective Teachers.Look at their shoes!Most of them are bigger than my size,that only proves how huge and tall the kids nowadays compare to the very first generation of Japanese people.

After how many months,they`re gonna graduate...and today,I have to meet her advicer to talk about the Senior High Schools in our list.

I`m kinda worried about my daughter`s entrance examinations...all I can do is pray for her.


Anonymous vk said...

grabe sapatos,sa amin pa ito, nawala na....ninakaw or tinabi.....

a million thanks again, ghee..........


Anonymous dragonfly living in philippines said...

may tawag ako dyan hindi shoes kundi SHOESES!

i have a brother living in tokyo, btw

Blogger ghee said...

Hello Dragonfly,
salamat at napadpad ka sa blog ko,kaso wala kang nilagay na URL,di kita mapapasyalan. :)



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