Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Have you ever wondered that we`re working too hard and yet saving money is still a big deal to handle?

I do think so,well,as long as we get the salaries,we are required to spend and pay our taxes.And gee,taxes get higher every year,that sometimes made me think not to work at all cause I feel dumb for paying high rate of taxes.We have to think of ways on how to make wiser spending of money,for instance,save money on insurance.In fact,our family deserves a life family plan premium.

We do get advantages from insurances,say my daughters educational plan.During their first steps on elementary,high schools,and even college,they can get the amount that definitely help us provide their needs to their material things and other payments.

Indeed,the coverage that we cant get from their insurances are such relieves in the future.

We should see to it that our husbands get all the advantages from their companies so we should consider giving them the employee benefit package.

Think and do some actions about our family future.