Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Fine Art Of Blogging
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I wasn`t familiar of blogging two years ago.A friend of mine was once an active blogger and she was the one who introduced me to this world,I got hooked and enjoyed reading lots of blogs from her links but never started my first step into it..It was only last year when I decided to swim the current of this trade. :)

I was extremely into it the first time I wrote my entries.I was shy at first..didn`t want to leave comments even I finished reading them coz I`m afraid to be neglected,in a way that they might just smirk at my comment coz I was just a beginner.Later on,I learned how to upload some simple and attractive templates,I wrote variety topics on my blog,then people started to come and appreciate my posts and my comments,there,friendship started.In fact,my very first commentators are still intouched and never failed to come despite of the toxicness theyre facing with.

I say it again,friendship and communication,not only my fellow citizens,but diff persons globally.

DIO asked me...what are those things that make me busy?

I am a super super busy career woman and a homemaker at the same time.I teach English Conversation at Kindergarten Schools and I have my own Classroom,students come to my classroom right after their school/prep time.I finish my work mostly at night,then should be busy again in the kitchen.Yeah,there`s no maids here,or unaffordable may I add.Japanese Hubbies don`t cook,unlike some western people who are trained to do their household chores even they have wives to take care of them.

My blogging time is only at night...I enjoy this solitude...when everyone`s fast asleep,my mind wanders...I talk a lot,that is my job,maybe the reason why I use very simple English terms,too,so that my Japanese studenst can understand me very well,but there are things we can`t express to other people.There are lots of things we wanna share,though time is a hindrance,everyone`s busy,and also we could no longer have a social life coz of the mere responsibilities...for my kids,too.

Improve my writing and let the readers spill their own opinions,sarcastic or nice.

Blogging is also my theraphy...yeah,my emotions reflect on every entry I post.

I don`t blog technically,I`m not good at it.This is my journal and this will serve as my treasure someday coz blog has all the memories I needed to preserve.

Recently,I was enlightened and made a practical mind that I can have some pennies thru it,there,I started to join PayPerPost and ReviewMe,too and had my very first assignments. ^_^

What we plant is what we harvest...I see to it that my readers could get some inspiration or moral lessons thru my own experiences or insights.Students come to my blog and I really appreciate each and every reader of mine. :)


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