Saturday, November 17, 2007
Fly Me
What are the things you consider when buying plane tickets?What is your favorite season of traveling?

I only have two choices of getting out of the country;summer or winter vacation.They`re peak seasons,and usually I couldn`t find cheap flights, that is really a big hindrance for me to travel.I have tested various airlines such as Japan Airlines,North West Airlines,Philippine Airlines and China Airlines,but never been in a Singapore Airline.

I really love to fly especially on an international flight. I used to be afraid of planes,but now,I see to it that I enjoy every minute in inside the plane,from entering it and finding my seat until the very last part of the journey.I love the food they serve there,too!

Hopefully,next year would be my best time to fly again,and I would make an earlier plan for that so I can purchase cheap plane tickets. :)