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Saturday, March 15, 2008
I Miss You
Yesterday,March 14th was celebrated here in Japan as White`s Day.Have you ever heard of that?

On Valentine`s Day,women give gifts to men.They are mostly chocolates,home made or purchase in a store,it doesn`t matter.Unlike to other countries,guys present any romantic ideas to their special ones including bouquets,chocolates,accessories,jewelries and so on.

My hubby works far away from us.I was surprised yesterday morning to receive a package came from him.They were not that expensive,chocolates,cookies,cake and a small Teddy Bear,but they really mean a lot to me,to us(my daughters).After 17 years of marriage,at least I still feel the passion.Sure,we had ups and downs,every relationship has anyway,although some couples lose their interest to each other after a decade,spending too much effort to work is one of the reasons why.

Most of the Japanese people are not that expressive to their feelings,they`re not showy.I have a few friends who got separated because of this fact.A sad truth,but that`s life and we need to go on.

Is it really that hard to say "I love you"?No need to pretend,but I think we will really forget the feeling if we won`t express ourselves every now and then.

We do focus to our economic situation,our financial needs although they will be counted less if we will just separate our ways in the future.That is my own opinion.

We are counting the days of our moving out and we will be together again,my hubby,my daughters in our new home.

One thing is for sure,soon as I see my hubby,I wanna say this to him...I love you and I miss you...

Monday, March 10, 2008
Hay Fever
It was so warm when I got back to Kanto Area yesterday.It was odd that we need to turn on the aircon of our cars!Imagine that heat between the winter and spring season?

The weather was so lovely,although the pollens were all over the places and I felt so sick yesterday coz of my hay fever.Up to now,I am suffering from itchiness,runny nose and cough.

Really sucks....I`ve run out of my medicine yesterday...I have to go to the clinic to claim them...


You Can Do It
I was a bit surprise to know that buying a property such as houses or a condo is now cheaper than before.It only shows that the economic situation is not in a good level.Although,at least people can buy them and assure that they can pay the mortgage till the end.Even young people are able to buy them now as long as their company have a good reputation.

My husband`s relative,who is now only 23 years old,married and have 2 children bought a house and lot last year.It is much better to buy a property when you are young because you have a lot of payment option for your mortgage.The longest option I know is 35 years to pay,so for an elder people,the mortgage that they have to pay monthly would be expensive in order to pay their short years payment option.

One of the good thing about the mortgage option is that they no longer required a bonus payment.Unlike before,twice a year,you must pay a bigger amount during your bonus season.At least,you can save your bonus and spend them for a little luxury without any worries about the mortgage.

Personal mortgages are better now,I bet Commercial Mortgages also do the same.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Google Page Rank

I wonder how can I improve the Google Page Ranking of this site...

My other site,Gentle And Compassionate climbed up from PR3 to PR4 again.That was really and exhilarating change for me!!

So,I hope one day,Google will notice the Page Ranking of this site. :)

Online Business
One of the Heads of our company(branch) had quit his job about three years ago.We were so dismayed of his lost because we really liked the guy.Not only because he was charming(it is indeed a lucky charm),he was so considerate and helpful to us.I thought he would not be going anywhere.I once asked him about that.Most of them transfer to other areas yearly.Though I have heard that he was doing fine in his hometown.

Yes,he went back to his hometown to run his father`s business.He was the oldest among his siblings so it was his responsibilty to claim his father`s small firm.

It wasn`t his specialty,so he said.But through the help of the internet,he learned so fast and find customers online than offline.According to him,Telemarketing was one good way to run a successful company.

He had found a very reliable Telemarketing company online that guaranteed him all the quality services they can provide.

Well,I really wish him goodluck up to now.I know that the country`s economical situation is still tough so he must be struggling among other lots of companies.But I do believe that he can make progresses,more someday.

Funny how we talked about the curtains for each rooms.

My younget daughter Ally said she wants light blue curtains for her room.My eldest wants pink ones.Me and my hubby haven`t decided yet,though my hubby likes a colorful and bright red curtains.LOL!

We will see what do the Interior Shops have in their stores. :D

Be Careful
My hubby`s co worker`s truck had been hit again!This was his 2nd time,according to my husband.This time,a very young girl,aged 19 hit the truck from behind.She was not focused on her driving cause she was playing with her cell phone so she did not recognize the truck infront of her.

This girl has expired license and no car insurance.I really can`t believe it!Her parents took care of all the bills.

Luckily,my husband`s co-worker has the company Truck Insurance so there was no trouble financially for him.

Insurances really help.My older daughter is gonna be on her First year Senior High,so we are expecting soem money this March from her educational plan.

Aside from car insurances,life Insurance,and Educational,we have our house insurance recently,when we bought our new house.It covers all the major types of damages to one`s property.And among them,there was a special insurance that would cover the rest of the mortgages once the house head died.I don`t wanna think about it,though I remember my former friend who became widowed when her youngest was only 5 years.It helped her raise her 3 children.

Northern Wind
We are still here in Sendai.It`s getting warmer everyday though the Northern wind makes us chilly as usual.

Tomorrow will be my daughter`s entrance examinations.It will start around 8-30 to 3 PM.My daughter is cramming everyday,everynight.I see her hardwork and I do believe that she WILL pass them.

Whatever happens,I still support hwer in every little way I can do.

Tomorrow,while my daughter is taking the examinations,we are gonna go shopping the new curtains,lights and other small materials for our new home.I`m so excited!!
Hubby is gonna move there this Sunday,while the rest of us should go back to our place and do the packing.