Creative Mind
Saturday, December 19, 2009
From Me To You...
Urgh!One week to go for Christmas!! Are you ready for it?Have you decided what to give to each and everyone in your list?Me,not yet...oh well,I`m always on the last train.I`m just too busy to be indulged too much at shopping out.You and you,people like me,what are supposed to do?Hence,time to think of something else.An alternative to fill in our lists and do the job well done by becoming a Santa Claus! :D

Honestly speaking,we always think of what to give this Holiday Season,because that is the real spirit of Christmas,giving,giving,and giving! :D What about yourself?What is your wish?Well well,I think I want a new jewelry or a watch this year.Oh how I wish to have Diamond Studds,Pearl Studds,Hoop Earrings,Birthstone earrings which is Amethyst,Chain Bracelet,Heart Bracelet,Cuff and bangle or..err,anything will do!!Even a 10k Yellow Gold Figaro Chain Necklace is definitely welcome. :D

But of course,Jewelry Holders are acceptable too!!It`s so much fun to browse the selective designs of Jewelry boxes,holders and even the travel organizers.Women eh?This is a sickness that can not be healed I think,haha!Although,pampering ourselves once in a while is not that bad at all I guess.I wish someone can read this blog and realize that it is the most wonderful time to present me some gifts!! :D

Happy Holidays everyone!!Have a healthy,brilliant and safe Holiday Season!!